Terms and conditions

Rental Period From Friday. 15:00 to Friday. 10:00 Tenant If other than lead leading car, that person must be 30 years of age, be on the rental contract and having presented a valid run short. Smoking and pets It is not allowed to smoke or bring pets in the motorhome. Failure to comply will the motorhome will be cleaned at the tenant's expense minimum expense kr. 7500, - Order When booking deposit kr. 6000, - which will be returned within 14 days after the car's back came in unscathed condition cleaned. Finally reservation is effective upon payment of the deposit. Cancellation Canceled more than 12 weeks before the lease begins refunded 50% of deposit Canceled at less than 12 weeks before the rental period begins and the RV will not be rented repaid 50% of the rent and deposit it can not be rented out returnable deposit only and not rent Payment of rent 50% of rent is due 10 weeks before rental start The rest is paid at 4 weeks prior to pick-up Exceeding the rental period is considered to be canceled When ordering less than 6 weeks before the rental period starts, deposit and 100% lejesum paid while booking You may run 1 week rental: free driving up to 2000 km. Besides paid 2.00 kr per km 2 weeks there: free run up to 4000 kilometers. which you are paid 2.00 kr. per km 3 weeks: free driving up to 7000 km, in addition to paid 2.00 kr. Per km Insurance Liability and comprehensive insurance is included in the rental period. Tenant deductible on comprehensive motor insurance is kr. 5000, -. The lessee is also fully for any damage that is not covered by the policy, including the damage caused by the tenant's negligence in the treatment of the RV. Bearings are made aware that the insurance for glass damage incl. stone chips are a deductible of 1500, - are settled by delivery. It is the general SOS INTERNATIONAL provisions in force. In accordance with these provisions is possible. transport home from abroad deck. Personal belongings are not covered by car insurance. By theft and other Camp's insurance covers damage to the furniture, if shooting police report on the site and copy repatriated. It is the tenant's responsibility to shooting police report. Tenant's own home insurance usually covers the tenant's goods if the police. Landlord has interest charge of theft of personal belongings electricity. similar. tenant's Responsibilities Bearings are fully responsible for the camper during the rental period, including water, oil, air, puncture, stone chips etc. and the landlord is not liable for damages arising out of the tenant's negligence in failing to carry out normal. maintenance and inspection of the motorhome during the rental period. Any mechanical failure, not due to the tenant's negligence or conduct otherwise covered by the landlord, by appointment and can not be performed without prior agreement with the landlord. Remedy must be performed by an authorized workshop. Moreover, it is the tenant's responsibility to arrange for themselves the payment of any parking fees, bridge tolls, tolls etc. and any traffic offenses, since these are the landlord irrelevant. Wear Damage m.v .: Repairs over 1,000 kr. To be agreed with the landlord before repair. The bill paid by the landlord upon your return, if agreed (except stone chips, see. Section on insurance). The tenant is liable for wear damage repairs caused by irresponsible treatment of the motorhome. After an accident or the like. the tenancy • "Make sure to get a police report - and never take the blame on in other countries - it can be expensive for you." Remember to notify the landlord any details about the incident. • Landlord encourages bearings by using abroad to familiarize themselves thoroughly in each country's traffic rules, the tenant is liable for all police matters or other claims arising from the tenant's use of the vehicle. Landlord can not be held responsible. This also applies to all other traffic offenses, including speeding fines, parking fines etc. as well as other requirements which may relate to the tenancy. Self-inflicted injuries As stated under the heading insurance the tenant for damages not covered by insurance, including things in the motor home is destroyed, possibly. damage to furniture or other furnishings. Incorrect filling of diesel fuel in freshwater tank involves replacing the tank, hoses and water heater. This replacement is not covered by insurance and must be paid by the tenant. Such damage amounts to approximately 28,000 kr. Damage caused by incorrect operation of the car or installations in the camper is also not covered by insurance, and must therefore be replaced by the tenant. Excess insurance does not cover here. The above is payable upon return of the motorhome. Collect & Return When collecting the tenant will receive checklist for review of the car for any. defects. Collection must be made on a lease appointed day, usually Friday at 15:00. Submission must also be done on it, lease appointed day, usually Fridays days before. 10:00. The camper van picked up and delivered to the Lessor, at any time seat in compliance. Lease, it can be delivered and picked up at the tenant's Danish address for an amount more dependent on place of residence (see map). For the sake of next tenant is essential to timely delivery. There may of course be situations where the tenant is unable to deliver the motorhome at the agreed time and in such a situation, the tenant should contact the landlord immediately. In case of delayed delivery expected kr. 500, - pr. hour or part thereof. The mobile home delivered with emptied waste water and toilet tank. There is expected in 1000, - kr. If the toilet tank is not empty. The mobile home can clean the inside. By omission of cleaning calculated 350, - kr. Per. hour or part thereof. The tenant does not clean your vehicle outside. The mobile home is supplied and delivered with full fuel tank. Failure filling fills landlord himself out to 20 kr./L, the tenant. When returning the consumption is calculated and there will be calculated immediately what you should have returned the deposit. The landlord has 24 hours to calculate the motorhome, and contact bearings ang. Possible. damage, defects mm. that has occurred during the rental period. Please calculate about 1 hour to respectively pick up and drop. When returning ahead of schedule, must pay rent for the agreed time. The rental fee is not refundable. during the journey The tenant will receive a contact list at pickup so that the tenant can contact the landlord in question or otherwise. Subject to that on weekends and in the evening after hours. 18 is limited opportunity to contact the landlord. In the case of an injury or the like. so the motorhome can not drive, renters must contact SOS INTERNATIONAL, which then will provide assistance and possible. towing. If there is damage during the trip, the tenant is required to take pictures of the damage, the damage, the counterparty's license plate and other found necessary in the event of subsequent insurance claim because the landlord is not liable if the insurance does not cover, due to lack of documentation from tenant . Any fines that do not directly and no doubt can be attributed landlord, attributed to the tenant of the motorhome. Reservations and warranty from the landlord Can the rented vehicle is not delivered due to serious injury, failure, mechanical breakdown, etc., Trying landlord to obtain an equivalent vehicle from another landlord. If the replacement vehicle varies in size refunded only rent the difference if the vehicle is smaller in size / cheaper in price than the premises. Rent difference is calculated as the difference between the camper as a tenant has leased from the landlord and the rent which the landlord must provide for the rental of a replacement vehicle. If it is impossible for the landlord to provide replacement vehicle refunded the full rent and security deposit. Further compensation is not granted. The tenant can not claim compensation for lost holiday due to accident with the rented motorhome, see. Section. "After an accident or the like. during the rental period. " Nor as a result of mechanical failure or any defects in the motorhome's technical installations, including mechanical stairs, faucet, toilet etc. If during the lease pops a fuse, a water pump stops working, or there is other minor technical error, it is the tenant's obligation to obtain correction of these things. Bearings are free to buy new parts up to max. kr. 500, - which will be refunded on submission of documents. However, it is good practice to inform the landlord either SMS, email or call and can max buy up to 5 parts of maximum kr. 500, - as the landlord should be contacted prior authorization, if necessary with additional purchases. We generally take reservations for misprints, equipment, prices and descriptions.